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Barre Fitness | Ballet | Jazz | Contemporary Jazz | Creative Sessions | Workshops | Choreography 

Book Gavin to come to your studio or stream a class wherever you are. He teaches a wide variety of dance and fitness classes, runs energetic workshops and choreographs outstanding routines. 

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Available Classes

Barre Fitness

A fun fitness class starts with a wiggly warm-up followed by some core strengthening exercises. After this we go to the barre for a leg workout inspired by classical ballet technique  - no dance experience required. Expect a motivational soundtrack to distract you from the hard work!


Gavin takes a holistic approach to this age-old technique, focusing on working with the individual’s facility and encouraging the use of the discipline as a tool to achieve the strength to work in a variety of styles - rather than it being the end goal.


Gavin believes Matt Mattox based Jazz Technique helps prepare dancers for the complicated challenges often set by choreographers working in the industry today. His class features Isolations, Technical Centre Work, and Complex Combinations to help improve pick-up. More about Matt Mattox can be found here.

Contemporary Jazz

Set to a feel-good soundtrack these spirited classes will give you a total brain and body workout. Gavin's class takes its influences from Matt Mattox Jazz and Cunningham Contemporary techniques while focusing on the thoughts and feelings that make us move. Class starts with technical and coordination exercises progressing to a combination set to whichever song has moved me the most that week!

Creative Contemporary Sessions

Classes get those creative juices flowing - Gavin will lead the group through a wiggly warm-up and then, using devices acquired throughout his career facilitate participants in creating their own movement or character phrases. Themes or focus can be agreed upon ahead of time

Musical Theatre Workshops

Workshops tailored for your group featuring repertoire and creative elements based on any of the musicals Gavin has been part of. Choose from Cats, We Will Rock You, Hairspray, or Addams Family. 

New Adventures Workshops 

Gavin has performed in multiple shows with Matthew Bourne’s company and now teaches regularly for their education department. For more information on how to book visit their website.


Gavin’s signature gestural style is heavily influenced by his time dancing for Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, and his time working in Musical Theatre. Gavin uses set material created by himself and creative tasks designed to empower the cast to find their own movement style and identity. The resulting piece should feel very much like a collaboration rather than a prescribed movement. 

Coming Soon.

Rambert Contemporary Grades Syllabus 

Rambert Grades is a pioneering contemporary dance syllabus born from the partnership between two of the world’s leading contemporary dance organisations: Rambert and Rambert School.

The 8-grade syllabus offers students the opportunity to develop lifelong skills. Rambert Grades encourages young people to own their individuality, be playful, work in a present manner, think independently, relate with others and have confidence in decision-making while learning and embodying our three strands, Technique, Performance and Creative. The Rambert Grades syllabus is progressive and inclusive and is designed to be accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Rambert Grades teachers are taught to promote a safe environment where physical explorations can exist without rigidity, yet with focus, discipline and collaboration. Students are seen as individuals and encouraged to express their ideas and discover their unique voices.

Each grade includes exploring how to create material and improvise, learning all elements of technical skill to the highest standard, from floorwork to complex leaps, and performing solo material from renowned choreographers, Hofesh Shechter and Alesandra Seutin. Gavin currently offers the Hofesh Shechter solo material.

Rambert Grades is an awarding organisation recognised by Ofqual.

Example Choreography


Gavin Eden is an exceptional teacher. Having taught countless workshops for my dance school, he has a wealth of knowledge that he can draw on from his career as a professional dancer.


The students find him engaging and exciting to work with. He draws the very best out of them and adapts easily to the ability of those he is teaching, even when there is a mix of abilities in one class.


What makes Gavin really special is has time for every student and it is not unusual that he is there to offer advice and guidance as they forge their own way in the industry.


Sue Cook, Principal, Geraldine Lamb Dance School

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