Carry on camping, Matthew - The Observer. 2007

“Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker! Sadler's Wells, London EC1, until 20 Jan, then touring Bourne's Nutcracker revival is a ravishing visual treat

Sweeties start dancing on a vast pink cake, while in the foreground, lady marshmallows spin round an equally enormous heart made up of roses while a pair of Cupids - the memorable Gavin Eden and Hannah Vassallo - go about their naughty business made up to look like two Clark Kents reinvented by David Furnish.” - Libby Costello, December 07

“It is obvious that Bourne has invented his characters with a link to the original, yet the contemporary twist helps the audience to identify with the story. The Orphans, played by an adult cast, bring humour to the characters, none so much as ‘the twins’ (later ‘the Cupids’) played by Gavin Eden and Mami Tomotani, who gave such a polished performance that they almost stole the show. Their exaggerated facial expressions, synchronised movements and uncanny bond was extremely entertaining, as if this pair had spent most of their life in each others company.”

Performance: 13 Dec 07 - 20 Jan 08